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How To Style Artificial Flowers - A Beginners Guild

How To Style Artificial Flowers - A Beginners Guild

How To Style Artificial Flowers - A Beginners Guild


Flowers have a magical way of brightening up any space and bringing a touch of nature indoors. If you're new to the world of flower arranging, fear not! With a few basic tips and a bit of creativity, you can become a budding floral stylist in no time. At Stem & Silk, we believe everyone can enjoy the art of flower styling, and we're here to help you get started. In this blog post, we'll share some simple flower styling tips that are perfect for beginners.


1. Start with the Right Faux Flowers

Choosing the right faux flowers is key to creating stunning arrangements. Look for high-quality silk or faux flowers that mimic the real thing. At our store, we offer a wide variety of lifelike faux flowers in different colours and styles, so you can easily find the perfect blooms for your arrangements. All of our flowers and outstanding quality, just without the inflated price tag!


2. Gather Your Tools

The majority of our bouquets come pre-styled, making them easy to just pop into your chosen vase, however if you want to do this yourself, make sure you have the essential tools on hand. You'll need a pair of sharp floral scissors or shears (garden snips work well), a clean vase or container, floral foam (if needed), and floral tape or wire for securing stems.


3. Select a Focal Flower

Every floral arrangement needs a focal point. Choose one standout flower, like a large rose or peony, to be the star of your arrangement. This will serve as the center of attention.


4. Add Complementary Flowers

This only applies if you're choosing your own stems to create your bouquet, but don't worry - we are always on hand via social media or email to help guide you if you have any questions. To create balance and depth in your arrangement, add complementary flowers around the focal flower. Mix and match colours and shapes for visual interest. If you're going for a set colour scheme, vary the shades within the same colour family.


5. Don't Forget the Greenery

Greenery plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall look of your arrangement. Faux leaves and stems add volume and a touch of natural beauty. Insert them strategically between flowers to separate the blooms, fill in gaps and create a lush appearance.


6. Work in Odd Numbers

When arranging your flowers, use odd numbers of blooms (e.g., 3, 5, or 7) for a balanced and pleasing look. Odd numbers tend to create harmony and make your arrangement feel more visually appealing.


7. Trim or Bend to Adjust Stems

Trim the stems of your faux flowers to the desired length and remove any excess height. You want your front flowers to be no more than an inch above your vase neckline, without too much visible stem. Adjust the height of each stem to create varying levels in your arrangement, leaving the stems longer at the back and the middle to create shape. You can also just bend the faux stems instead of cutting them, which is ideal if you perhaps want to move them into a different vase in the future. 


8. Change Up Your Bouquet For The Seasons

If you have a bouquet you love, or don't want to invest in a w3hole new bouquet for the turning season, why not take advantage of our single stems? We offer both single flower and foliage stems, which makes changing up your bouquet super cost-effective and easy. You'd be surprised how much impact three swapped stems makes to your overall bouquet.


9. Practice Makes Perfect

Flower styling is an art that improves with practice. Don't be discouraged if your first few attempts aren't perfect. Keep experimenting, and soon you'll develop your own signature style. The best thing about faux florals is that they are robust and you can constantly rearrange them without the fear of them wilting or snapping. 


10. Enjoy the Process

Lastly, remember that flower arranging should be a fun and enjoyable process. Let your creativity flow, and don't be afraid to try new ideas. The more you experiment, the more confident you'll become.


Let Us Help Make Your Styling Journey a Positive One

With these simple flower styling tips, you're well on your way to becoming a faux flower arranging pro. At Phoenix Florals, we're here to provide you with the most beautiful and realistic faux flowers to kickstart your floral styling journey. Whether you're decorating your home, planning an event, or looking for the perfect gift, our faux flowers are the ideal choice.

So, gather your favourite faux blooms, grab your tools, and let your creativity blossom. With a little practice and a lot of love for flowers, you'll be creating stunning arrangements that brighten up your world in no time!


I hope you loved this blog - feel free to share it with you family and friends!

Thank you for reading and happy autumn! Lucy xx



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